Taylor Swift Clarifies That She Is Doing Okay After Split With Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has made several allusions to her mental state in the days since the news of her split with Joe Alwyn broke. But during one of her Eras tour gigs in Tampa, Florida, Swift made her most direct response to date. One Swift fan claimed on TikTok that another Swift supporter in the crowd held up a sign that said, “You ok?” during the singer’s performance of “Delicate.” Naturally, the song is one of several by Swift about Alwyn and their romance.

Taylor Swift Says She Is Fine

The fan dropped the placard as Swift raised her thumb. The sign itself is a nod to Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” music video, in which Swift gave her love interest a sign that said the same thing, making it an especially moving moment. 

Swift’s thumbs-up is just the latest indication that she is doing OK after calling it quits on their six-year romance in private last month. Swift has performed three shows, worn bejeweled butterflies as a symbol of rebirth, gone out in public with friends, posted on Instagram about how much she loves her tour, been spotted filming a music video in Liverpool, and leaving a recording studio in New York City, and generally dedicated her time to her tour, fans, and career in the last two weeks alone.   

In actuality, Taylor Swift started the split with Alwyn in March, according to a source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight on April 11. Since then, Swift has been keeping busy with her career. The source said, “Taylor and Joe are at very different positions in their life right now. “Taylor was more responsible for the breakup than either of them, but they both understood they weren’t the best match for one other. Despite the fact that they had been dating for so long and spent so much time together, their personalities were simply too dissimilar. Joe is more reserved, quiet, and introverted.