Taylor Swift’s Red Enriches The Classic Version

taylor swift
taylor swift

The greatest album of Taylor Swift has 30 tracks in its new version. The original ‘Red’ had 16 tracks which have all been given vault outtakes and B-sides. It is completely revamped with a greater boom as well as a more detailed production.

The Latest Taylor Swift Revamp Reviewed

“All Too Well’s” long lost version spanning 10 minutes is arguably better than what the critics expected. Taylor Swift remade her masterpiece after dismantling it with an optimistic twist and transforming it into a never-before-heard heartbreak epic. It is now two times as long and mad.

Ever since Taylor Swift’s announcement about releasing Red (Taylor’s Version), which will be a revamp of her classic from 2012, fans have been eagerly anticipating it. As such, Taylor Swift has arguably made another impossible possible by making the new version of Red crueler, deeper, glossier, and bigger. It is possibly her most ambitious manifesto in mega-pop’s ultimate version.

Red happens to be Taylor Swift’s second revamp under the Taylor’s Version series of remixes. The first one was Fearless. She has decided to redo her past albums although Swift is arguably at the peak of her creativeness at the present. As such, two of her new albums had been among 2020’s biggest. This project has been arguably one-of-a-kind as well as unprecedented.

The new version of Red has a runtime of exactly 131 minutes. This number is not a coincidence either. Red was where Swift had proven himself as the all-time greats in pop songwriting. It may not have been Swift’s first masterwork. However, it had arguably started Swift’s pop universe.

Now, Swift’s adult voice enhances those tracks by adding power to the old songs. The same stories have been told by Swift throughout her career. So now there is a new dimension to the songs.