Kid Cudi Dons Wedding Dress In Latest Tribute To Kurt Cobain

kid cudi
kid cudi

On 10th November, at the Fashion Awards by CFDA, Kid Cudi was seen wearing a bridal gown custom fit for him. Beside him was standing the designer of the dress, Eli Russell Linnetz of ERL. Both of them had their fingers interlocked and wearing lace gloves. On Kid Cudi’s red carpet appearance, his veil was lifted by Linnetz.

A Symbolic Fashion Statement By Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi then proceeded to speak into a tiny microphone and advised people to be themselves and be free while grinning. The dress was paired with pink hair from Manic Panic, an icy pendant of Black Jesus, grungy eyeliners, sneakers covered in crystal, as well as a tux jacket in all white. The next morning, Kid Cudi shared a picture on his Twitter account where Kurt Cobain could be seen mugging while wearing a dress colored white and a glittering necklace.

This was not the first time Kid Cudi wore a dress that pays homage to Kurt Cobain. Last year, Cudi dressed in a custom floral gown with a belle skirt designed by Virgil Abloh of Off-White. Kid Cudi had appeared in that attire in June when he performed on the TV show SNL.

At that time, in an interview with GQ, Abloh had said that Cudi’s design represented personal empowerment regardless of any kind of social norms. It was a way of Cudi saying the same thing he said now, except behind the TV screen. Abloh said that the dress choice was a vehement representation of confidence.

Linnetz is also an up-and-coming fashion designer whose brand has been endorsed by celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kanye West. His recent customers have all been famous men and giving their attire a touch of softness and play.