Donald Trump Is Seeking His Twitter Account

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump has gone out of his way to file a lawsuit asking a federal judge to make Twitter reinstate his account after being untweeted permanently. This marks another legal volley from the ex-President in trying to regain his social media accounts after they were taken down in the aftermath of the Capitol Riot.

In a complaint that he filed in the Southern District of Florida a couple of days previously, the attorneys of the former President went in for a preliminary injunction against the social media platform and its CEO, Jack Dorsey. They argued that the decision of the private firm to ban Trump from its platform went on to violate not only his First Amendment rights but also the latest social media law from Florida- which was also blocked. 

Donald Trump Files Complaint Against Twitter

The complaint on Friday came almost a couple of months after Donald Trump had filed for a couple of legally dubious class-action lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter, Google, and the CEOs.

Just a couple of weeks back, the lawyers of the former President claimed in another lawsuit that the social media platform was so addictive and mind-altering that it had rendered the former President catatonic and not in his senses to accept the terms of service of the company. The injunction from the legal team will help him tweet as his legal team keeps fighting the main battle against Twitter. 

Donald Trump’s legal team also stated that Twitter was being coerced by the members of Congress into moving toward censoring him- further alleging that the company had always exercised a degree of power and control over political rhetoric in the country, that was not only historically unprecedented but also immeasurable. It was quite dangerous to have an open democratic debate. 

It could definitely seem like Donald Trump and his legal team is singing two different tunes, as the former President claimed that Twitter was very boring- whereas his legal team has been working round the clock to get him reinstated.

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