Texas Abortion Law Hearing In Texas Court: Biden Administration Pushes For Speedy Decision

Texas Abortion Law
Texas Abortion Law

A judge in Texas will hear the Texas government’s argument against the temporary blocking of the Texas abortion law before deciding on the request of the Justice Department. Instead of acting immediately to the request. Robert Pitman, the US District Judge, will hear arguments before giving a decision. The law has been effective for a month, forcing women to cross state borders for abortion.

The restrictive Texas abortion law is in effect a total abortion ban and has led to widespread protests. The temporary restraining order was requested by the federal Justice Department late on Tuesday. It is part of the lawsuit filed in the US District Court for the Western District and is aimed at overturning the law.

Judge Robert L. Pitman has granted the request by the Texas government to listen to arguments before giving a ruling. Granting of the restraining will in effect block the implementation of the Texas abortion law during the period of the court proceedings on the case.

The Texas abortion law has already been in force for a month. The law outlaws abortion once a cardiac movement is detected in the fetus. This in effect bans abortion as most women are not aware of their pregnancy at that stage.

Abortion clinics across Texas worked till the last moment before the restrictions went into effect. They canceled impending appointments and even stopped abortions allowed as per the new state law, scared of inviting legal action.

Texas Abortion Law Relies On Private Citizens For Lawsuit; No Law Enforcement Agency To Enforce Law

The law relies on the initiative of private residents to file a lawsuit against any person who helps a woman get any abortion deemed illegal by the state. No state official or law enforcement agencies will enforce the restrictions.

The US Supreme Court had cited procedural difficulties while refusing to block the statute. They did not go into the constitutionality of the law. The Justice Department has filed that the Texas abortion law openly defies the Constitution. They have argued that it should be reversed on this ground and also because they believe that it restricts federal interests.

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