Texas Abortion Law: What Could It Entail?

Texas Abortion Law
Texas Abortion Law

John Roberts, the Chief Justice, went on to write an opinion on Friday where he emphasized how the Texas Abortion Law defied the precedent of the SC. He further stated that this should bring out the many officials of the state who had played a vital role in the scheme to a federal lawsuit. Unfortunately, the Chief Justice couldn’t secure a crucial fifth vote for that opinion- which saw him dissenting along with three other liberal justices in a case that would shred the reproductive rights upheld by the country as well as the own authority of the court. 

John Roberts’ Dissent Towards The Texas Abortion Law

Roberts wrote that the entire purpose of the S.B.8, which was hinted at the Texas Abortion Law after roughly six weeks of pregnancy, was to completely negate the ruling of the court. As a rather important precedent for women’s rights, the dissent of Roberts on Friday does suggest that his efforts offer some compromise in a separate abortion case of nationwide significance could falter.

The controversial case which cropped up from the state of Mississippi, which was argued before the justices on the 1st of December and won’t be resolved until June could reverse the entire Roe v. Wade, the decision taken in 1973 which provided women with the constitutional right to abortion. 

The entire debate regarding abortion at the high court in America in the last couple of months has revealed quite a transformation in the view of the majority towards reproductive rights as well as the loosening grip of Roberts’ on the bench- something which has given importance to the Texas Abortion Law. 

Although Roberts is a committed conservative in most parts of the law, he has since then moderated his views on most of the policy dilemmas which have been designed to halt the rightward lunge of the court. While the efforts did manage to succeed in the early years, the addition of Justice Amy Coney Barrett led to the Texas Abortion Law coming to the forefront.