Jhay Cortez And Mia Khalifa Are Now Instagram Official

jhay cortez
jhay cortez

Jhay Cortez has made it official on his Instagram about his relationship with Mia Khalifa. On 5th November, the singer from Puerto Rica and the former adult entertainer revealed to the public that they are dating each other. The 28-year-olds posted on their own Instagram pages sharing the news.

Jhay Cortez Is Khalifa’s Next Beau

Jhay Cortez confirmed their romance on his Instagram profile using a photograph. The picture showed Cortez and Khalifa riding in a car with an open roof. In the following video, Jhay Cortez and Mia Khalifa kiss each other a number of times. The caption of his picture roughly translated to stating that Mia Khalifa exerts the pressure and not him.

On Khalifa’s account, a carousel was posted. The group’s first picture showed her and Jhay Cortez walking beside one another closely. Khalifa’s caption roughly translated to her saying that she follows him. In her story on Instagram, Mia also posted a video in which she danced to one of Jhay Cortez’s songs.

This new romance of Khalifa follows her split from Robert Sandberg, her former husband. Sandberg and Khalifa had gotten engaged back in 2019. However, in July, the two announced the separation via joint statements on Instagram. The ex-couple said that they were confident that they tried their best to make the marriage work. However, even after trying for a year, they decided to walk away while they could still be true friends.

The post had continued that the two would always respect and love each other. A single incident was not to blame for the split. Rather, various fundamental, unresolvable differences culminated in the split for which the blame lies with neither party. They claimed that they were ending that chapter without any regrets.