Texas Voting Bill: Biden Asks People To Prioritize Country

Voting Rights
Voting Rights

President Joe Biden had a couple of strong words for the Texas Voting Bill, which he called “wrong and un-American”, in Congress. Later, he also tried to persuade Congress to pass a federal voting rights legislation which, truth be told, has very few chances of seeing the light of the day. The entire structure of the Voting Bill will serve as a constant reminder of the differences between the two parties in the national Capital. Also, it will definitely remind Biden of his ill-fated attempt at reconciling the two parties in Washington. 

Biden’s Dilemma With The Texas Voting Bill

Ironically, when Joe Biden was mulling over past memories where the two parties used to work side-by-side in matters of the US Senate, the Republicans in the Senate themselves blocked the procedure to put up a bipartisan commission to trace the origins of the Capitol Riots. Not just that, the Texas Voting Bill is just one among the many ideas of the President, which includes reducing gun violence, and overhauling the entire policing structure, which has met with a stalemate in the Senate. 

The one obstacle that needs to be done with are the filibuster rules- which some Democrats would definitely like to overhaul- which would allow them to use the full might of their majority. And yet, we have President Biden who has been searching for a compromise. This was also mentioned in his attack against the Texas Voting Bill, where he admonished the Texan legislators on joining Florida and Georgia in their attack on the sanctity of the voting structure. 

In his statement, the President stated that the present century should be devoted to easing the process of voting- rather than complicating it. Herein, he urged his legislators to pass legislation that would negate the Texas Voting Bill.