Texas Voting Bill: State Blocks Republicans From Passing Restrictions

Texas Voting Bill
Texas Voting Bill

New Texas Voting Bill has been passed by the House Democrats in an attempt to stop major Republicans from passing a new voting law in the last 27 days. This was held up in a special session of the legislative assembly under Gov. Greg Abbott. According to sources close to CNN, a couple of chartered planes that were carrying the bulk of the Texan democrats for Washington landed at Dulles International Airport. 

Interestingly, they had previously kept their planning a major secret due to this law that could compel them to legally return to the state Capitol- irrespective of the Texas Voting Bill. Further, there was this belief that the law enforcement would also be sent to track the Democrats down, as sources close to the plans told CNN on Monday. The group is expecting that they would be meeting up with the Senate Democrats. 

Texas Voting Bill- Fight Resumes Throughout the Nation

This move by the Democrats readily places Texas at the forefront of the national fight over voting rights- with state legislators of GOP turning the lies of former President about widespread fraud in voting into a medium of pushing for new laws that would limit mail-in voting, along with early voting as a part of the Texas Voting Bill.

Just this year, the states controlled by the Republican party like Georgia, Florida, and Iowa have already gone ahead and put forward restrictive voting laws- which are not in sync with the Texas Voting Bill. Most of the Democrats in Congress have already gone forth with several measures that would help in the expansion of the ballot box throughout the nation. Nonetheless, the opposition from the GOP in the Senate has also kept them from going forth with a 60-vote threshold which would definitely break the filibuster.