Blake Masters Moving Towards Endorsing Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Blake Masters is leading a low-key approach towards winning the endorsements towards Donald Trump as he catapults a campaign for the Republican Party Senate nomination in Arizona- which leans towards the Democrats. Nevertheless, the 34-year-old Republican from Arizona didn’t mention Trump in his slick, three-minute video that was issued on Monday to initiate his bid for the Senate.

Instead, the Republican brought forth his candidacy by relying heavily on the populist agenda of Donald Trump- which emphasizes strongly on the cultural image which appeals to the Republicans. 

Blake Masters Trying a Different Approach To Gain Endorsements

No one can doubt that Blake Masters brought this out of his arsenal because it helped position Masters as the perfect Trump-aligned candidate. This would also work to paint every other candidate for the Republican party as nothing but posers. One of the advisers of Masters has stated that the former President is much smarter- and would be completely abreast of how the other contenders for the Republican party have gone to shady lengths to win his endorsement. 

Looking at it from a tactical point of view, the strategy of Blake Masters does make a lot of sense. The agenda of Trump has been quite tried and tested in public opinion polls- which entails that one could actually place their appeal on Trump and the Republican base. The minimization of the personal brand of the former President could very well reach those conservative independents as well as the Republicans who have been pretty dissatisfied with the rhetoric displayed. 

In the video, Blake Masters has vowed to put his country before the party- by cracking down on illegal immigration and opposing the strata of critical race theory. He also stated that he would be standing up to major technology firms that have been banned by several conservatives and Republicans.