The Jan 6 Committee Playing Truth And Dare With Trump

Jan 6 committee
Jan 6 committee

The selected panel for Jan 6 Committee finally took action after more than one year, but it was more about arguing its case before the public rather than a judge.

Donald Trump’s summons from the committee hearing on January 6 isn’t an attempt to get him to give evidence. The ex-president is being challenged to refute our evidence against him if he can.

The chair representative of the Jan 6th committee panel Bennie Thompson said that they are sure that Mr. Trump led his efforts to upend the democracy in America that led to the violent incidents on January 6th. Adding to the statement, Thompson said that he (Trump) made his attempts to remove the voice of the country’s people and tried to replace his will with the will of the voters to stay in power. The Jan 6 committee decided that Donald Trump would be a central figure in the whole story of what happened that day.

The Jan 6 Committee Confirmed About The Role Of Ex-President In The Violence On Jan 6th:

The unanimous summons is a symbolic pinnacle that denotes the panel’s conclusion following a one-year investigation that gathered exceptional evidence showing Trump’s multi-pronged effort to sabotage the election results of 2020. Outside the historic significance of the Jan 6 committee’s attempt to have Trump appear before Parliament as the 4th past president, its leaders and advisers have little faith in their ability to get Trump’s cooperation.

The select Jan 6 committee’s mandate expires two and a half months after a current Congress, so any legal action to force Trump to act is expected to take years.

Some members of the select panel expressed hope—possibly with a little tongue in cheek—that Donald Trump may agree to take a statement without needing the protracted legal battles that have characterized his career. They pointed out that he allowed his girl Ivanka and boy Donald Jr. to give extensive evidence without claiming any advantages that may have restricted their participation.