The most shared memes ever

Memes are one of the most shared and revered forms of digital content. Many people even use them as a way to communicate with others, much like many others do with emojis. They have so much power that some people have even created entire empires around them.  

These meme lovers take on the roles of collectors and curators, forming Facebook and online groups dedicated to specific types of memes while amazing tons of fans who love the memes those groups offer. 

Internet communities have even embraced them, creating many of their own niche memes. For example, people with a penchant for betting have created some of the best casino memes using screens from movies and more mainstream meme formats.  

While there are millions of memes created every day, some particular memes have gone down in history, being shared across the world and becoming instantly recognisable. Here are some of the most shared memes of all time. 

Willy Wonka  

image 2

The Willy Wonka meme above is one of the most shared memes ever, mostly because of its continued versatility. It’s flexible enough to be used for virtually any topic while creating a bit of controversy.  

That’s the magic that memes such as the ones on this list have, they allow people to say things in an irreverent way. Even serious statements can be softened with well-timed humor by utilizing memes.  

Keep Calm & Carry On  

This one could be considered the oldest on the list. This meme began as a simple motivational message used in Britain during the 1940s and then took on a whole new life online. To this day, it is one of the most used memes ever and is used on T-shirts, mugs, and many other products.  

Seems like there’s nothing quite like using historic government messages for your modern-day sarcasm. 

Woman Yelling At Cat  

One of the funniest, newest and most used memes on the list. This meme is made from a picture of ex Beverly Hills Housewife Taylor Armstrong yelling and pointing her finger at a hissing cat.  

This image comes from an episode of the show in which Taylor is having an intense argument with the other Housewives. 

The cat, whose name is Smudges, has nothing to do with the TV show. He was just photoshopped in. In the original picture, he was placed in front of a bunch of vegetables which he didn’t like, so started hissing at them.  

image 1

Kermit and Kermit 

This Kemit facing his inner Kermit meme is another versatile meme that’s been shared widely online. Some people use it to confess something in a funny way, while others use it to express their dark side.  

Kermit is no stranger to memes though, other famous Kermit memes include him drinking tea, lying on a bed, and crying on the floor.  

The Bernie Sanders One  

Many memes are political as they’re a great way to communicate a message, so when Bernie Sanders published a video saying “I am once again asking for…” the internet went to work, replacing the next line with everything from “your name” to “your baked goods”.  

This meme may not be one of the most shared ever, but it certainly made a mark in 2020.