Finding the Best NFL Spread & Points Lines


Many people enjoy wagering on NFL games, especially on NFL Sunday when we have a day dedicated to the sport. For most, two lines, the spread line and the points line are where bets are placed and these have a far bigger significance than any other betting market. 

The reason for this is because these two lines are based on fictional lines that the bookmakers create for themselves. 

This means you don’t only have to shop around to find the best price on your bet, you also need to shop around to find the best NFL betting line for your bet. 

The difference in your line could be the difference between winning and losing, there is a lot at stake here, so it is vital you do your research before placing your bets. 

Why the Line is So Important 

The line will make or break your bet. In any other form of gambling, getting the best odds is the most important part of your pre-bet research. Every time you fail to get the best odds, you are leaving profit behind on the table. 

Getting the best line is even more important than that. You should look at the lines of 10 top bookies, maybe even more, and work out which line is going to give your bet the biggest chance of success. 

Something to remember is that the best line for you will not be the best line for someone else. How you bet matters, the teams you are betting and whether you are with the favourite or not. 

What works one week, will more than likely not work the week after, so it is vital that your research is done every time you place a bet on the NFL

Examples of the Affect a Line Can Have 

Let’s say you are betting on Green Bay against the Miami Dolphins. You fancy the Packers to win this game with ease, so you back them on the -10.5 handicap line. 

You are happy with this, because you fancy them strongly to win by a couple of touchdowns and cover it with ease. 

Another bookmaker has the line set at -9.5, but you don’t feel you need to take this, they are both priced up exactly the same. 

The game is closer than expected, but the Green Bay Packers win 20-10 with two touchdowns and two field goals. That gives them a winning margin of 10 points. 

Let’s go back to the lines, the one you had needed the Packers to win by 11 or more, so you have lost but the other betting line of -9.5 needs a win of 10 or more, which they did. 

Had you chosen the second betting line, your bet would have been a winner. 

Good Betting Practice 

Perhaps with the NFL more than anything else, you need to follow good betting practice. This means doing your research and putting yourself in the best possible positions. 

With betting lines, these aren’t always going to be the same as other people. It will depend on the game you are betting on and also which way you are betting. What is great for you, is the worst line out there for someone else. 

Those betting on the NFL need to have excellent betting knowledge to ensure that they take advantage of anything they can find, and put themselves in the best possible position every time. 

This is the key to success, it is different to some other sports that people bet on, but as far as NFL gambling goes, getting the right lines is key to your success.