The NBA’s Top 6 Rookies of 2022

Kyrie Irving
top rookies in the NBA for 2022

The last-minute switch by Orlando Magic from Jabari Smith to Paolo Banchero has left many surprised, and this is among the many surprises that have been witnessed in the 2022 NBA draft. Well, the surprising events came about even after top players like Jalen Green and Evan Mobley were established in 2021.

The rookies in recent years have made such a significant impact, and as we are winding down the season, it is good to look at who should be awarded the rookie of 2022. These guys have been incredible all through the season. Meanwhile, you can check out casinos with free spins no deposit USA, to bet on your favorite player.

Here is a list of top rookies in the NBA for 2022.

1.   Jabari Smith

The elite shooter has been selected in the 2022 NBA draft as number 3 by the Houston Rockets. The 6’10” player has indicated the potential to shoot from anywhere on the court. He, however, had a stellar 42% shot from the three-pit range in college.

Jabari also has a great lockdown defense. He also has 2.8 blocks, 10.8 rebounds, and averaged 24.5 points as a junior. In his senior season, he had 3 steals, 10 rebounds, 3 block games, and 24 points. Because of this, we consider him the most NBA-ready player.

2.   Chet Holmgren

He plays the center/power forward and has been picked 2nd overall by the Oklahoma city thunder. Hence making him the player with the highest draft pick ever to be selected from Gonzaga and the highest in Minnesota.

In his college debut, he made history by becoming the first player to record 5 blocks, 5 assists, 10 points, and 10 rebounds. Because of his excellent performance, he was expected to be selected all along. Despite concerns about his frame and stature, it is definite that he will add some height to thunder.

3.   Jaden Ivey

He started playing basketball as a freshman at Marian high school in Indiana. The player was selected 5th overall by the Detroit Pistons in the 2022 NBA draft. The four-star recruit performed well despite missing five seasons due to a foot injury. In his college career as a sophomore, he averaged 17.3 points, 3.1 assists, and 4.9 rebounds.

4.   Dyson Daniels

The 6’8” player has been selected with the number 8 pick by the New Orleans pelicans. He is greatly known for his great awareness, great court vision, and ability in a pick and roll game. He is also known for his great defenses of large wings and quicker guards. It is easy to envision him thriving and being a valuable part of New Orleans.

5.   Mark Williams

The Charlotte Hornets selected the player with the no 15 picks. He will be an excellent addition to the Charlotte Hornets, who lacked a defensive presence in the previous season. He has great athleticism and is a developing rim, runner, center, and rim protector. Therefore, he will alter shots and protect the paint and is expected to make an immediate impact.

6.   Paul Banchero

The 6’10” is expected to go to the Houston Rockets as the first overall pick-up. In 2021 he was among the top players and a five-star recruit. He played in the 2022 NCAA tournament, where he scored 22 points, performing well against Texas tech.

Final Word

This season the NBA has seen a strong rookie class which is an indication of how deep the rookies of this season run. The team to pick from the top prospects include Oklahoma city thunder, Orlando magic, and Houston rockets.

The list has only included 6 players. Other players that make it among the top rookies NBA (2022) include Keegan Murray, benedict Mathurin, Johnny Davis, and Malaki Branham.