Succession Gives Shiv Roy The Chance To Tell The Story Of Her Quest For Power Through Her Wardrobe


If viewers have keen to watch exciting women content with power tussles and outrageous family intrigues, they need to come to Succession and Shiv Roy. They will also get to see great haircuts and a desirable wardrobe. Siobhan Roy, or Shiv to her friends and family, and the youngest of the Roys and their only daughter. She has emerged as a pet of the dynastic media family’s patriarch and is also loved by the fans.

Succession is in its 2ndseason and is the tale of a super-rich family. Logan Roy, the patriarch heads an enormous media conglomerate. While in the 1st season, Logan’s two sons indulge in power struggles in the pecking order, the limelight shifts to Shiv Roy.

In the first season, she confined herself to campaigning for a politician, ignoring the family media business.

Season 2 of Succession sees Logan disclose to Shiv his choice to choose her to succeed the empire once she takes time off for the right grooming through visits to their office and management training.

Shiv Roy Change In Succession Is Apparent In Her Outward Change

Shiv Roy does groom, though only outwardly in her initial makeover. There is a significant change in her wardrobe and hair from Season 1 of Succession to Season 2.

In place of her long flowing hair, we get to see an angular cut. Her sloppy, slouchy, pants and sweaters in soft hues for the luxury of simplicity. The colors are monochromatic for trousers and are paired with button button-down chromatic trousers. Her new looks carefully complement her ambitions and her environment.

In the series’ pilot, Shiv Roy is seen sporting a shapeless sweater and maroon trousers, hiking boots, rust trench, and a baseball cap.

She is more polished with her wardrobe as a consultant, wearing paisley scarves and similarly soft-toned colors that are consistent in season 1. Her hair is worn all wavy and loose. All in all, the working woman’s identity with her own life.

Fast-forward to Season 2 of Succession and came the power cut, a far cry from the long and messy look of Season 1. Critics compared it to Ivanka Trump’s haircut.

She has a purposeful change in wardrobe, from soft colors to neutrals like black and gray and several waist-trousers. Marlene Dietrich was an influence in selecting the styles. Potent, sophisticated, and sharp are the keywords here. It is a perfect balance of fashion and the classic looks in Season 2 of Succession.