The New York Yankees Defeats The Chicago White Sox 


The Chicago White Sox were defeated by the New York Yankees, in Thursday’s Game-2 scoring 0-3 in the 2023 Major League Baseball finals. Player Randy Vásquez of the Yankees delivered a brilliant performance in the game as his team’s win became the first-ever win for him in the league. This MLB season marks Vásquez’s debut in the league. 

Billy McKinney stepped in as the Yankees player Aaron Judge was injured with a sprain and bruised toe. While Gleyber Torres scored a 2-run homer against Mike Clevinger, a star player for the White Sox. McKinny following the win commented addressing himself and Gleyber, saying that it is impressive that he and Gleyber had been talking about it earlier.

That they have played against each other in the league but had never played together in the same team. Aaron Boone, manager of the Yankees, commented on Vásquez’s performance, saying that he thought that Vásquez’s process of playing is very good. He further stated that Vásquez has life in his four-seamer and is a sinker that set the other things, however, Boone considers that he had his power behind things that have proven well for him.

Canada Wildfires Had Postponed Yankees Vs White Sox Game On Wednesday

The MLB was forced to postpone Wednesday’s Yankees versus White Sox game due to high smoke levels as air index quality had hit 392 caused by the ongoing wildfires in Canada. As the entire region of the Bronx was covered in yellowish-orange haze, Wednesday’s game was held on Thursday. The wildfires have also affected New York, with schools, institutions and restaurants closed as air quality has been declared hazardous. The Yankees are scheduled to meet against the White Sox again in August.