The Shares of DAL Seem Ready For Take Off In the Coming Year


While most airline tickets are pretty free these days, this doesn’t apply to the tickets of airline stocks like DAL, which have experienced massive budget cuts. But, the news of a coronavirus vaccine in the works has definitely worked wonders by breathing a new life into the company. This could probably herald a new era in the company’s history as they take to the skies again. The recovery of the airline sector was quite visible over the Thanksgiving period as air travel hit a peak. 

Now, with a vaccine around the horizon, most of the airline companies are looking to move on from history, and bring out a future strategy. Among those with a strategy, the stocks of DAL are already out, vying for the top in 2021. 

DAL Stock Soars on Vaccine News

Even though the COVID-19 winter was pretty harsh, and there were several regulations on travel, Thanksgiving saw a peak in air travel. Most of the data gleaned from private airlines and TSA showed that there were millions of citizens that caught a flight over the break. 

One of the major reasons why people feel so comfortable traveling out is because Moderna, Pfizer, and BioNTech- three pharmaceutical companies have already brought out the vaccines. And impressively, the vaccines have an extremely high rate of efficacy. This has led investors to rejoice at this news- pushing the stocks of DAL even further. 

As it has been reported, DAL will majorly benefit from the vaccine boost by COVID-19. The liquidity position of Delta is much better than its peers, and it has also managed to cut its costs in this pandemic year. Also, in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus on their premises, they also ensured strict social distancing.