Robert F Kennedy Jr Making An Independent Run In 2024

Robert F Kennedy Jr

Robert F Kennedy Jr, running as a Democrat till recently, has announced his decision to run as an independent in 2024. Earlier in April the son of 1968 presidential candidate and former attorney general, Robert F Kennedy, said he was running for president as he wanted to take on head-on the connection between corporate power and the government.

Kennedy Jr also reiterated his desire for greater economic equality and ease the pain of the nation’s political division. However, he let on his recent decision to go it alone, free of either party. The conspiracy theorist gave a passionate speech in Philadelphia stating his decision to break away from the other parties, including the Democrats. He told a crowd of a few hundred followers of the pain of leaving the Democratic Party of his father Bobby and Uncle John.

Robert F Kennedy Jr declared himself an independent contender. He said he was here to make a ‘declaration of independence’ for America. In his lengthy speech, he attacked Wall Street, military contractors, big pharma, the system of 2-party establishment, and the ‘mercenary’ media, that was pushing Americans off a cliff.

Robert F Kennedy Jr Decision Denounced By His Family As Perilous

He took a swipe at Trump when he spoke of Americans moving from a sense of despair to fury and back again to hopelessness. The 69-year-old politician said that the US was poised for a historical change. He said Americans were ready to regain their freedom and independence.

However, he found little support from his extended family. Family members assailed his campaign as perilous. His siblings, including sisters Rory, Kerry, and Kathleen, and brother Joseph, said that while Robert F Kennedy Jr shared their father’s name, he had little of their vision, values, or judgment. They expressed sadness at his latest announcement. They outright denounced his candidacy.

Robert F Kennedy Jr has been polling around 15% of the Democrat votes for the primaries. While he has little chance of winning the presidential elections, his presence could upset the equation. However, analysts are confused about whether he will harm the Democrats or the Republicans more.