This Is What Happens When You Add subtitles to your LinkedIn video 

LinkedIn video
LinkedIn video

Why Subtitles Are Important? 

Subtitles are a very important part of your content. You may ask yourself a question – why? But did you think that not all of your listeners understand your language, not everyone perceives information by ear, and some do not even hear at all. Therefore, adding subtitles can significantly improve your content. This way you will enable people to better use your information. 


One of the main reasons why subtitles are important is that they helps in increasing the engagement rate of your content. As you know that there are many digital platforms out there like Youtube and LinkedIn where people post video content to promote themselves. 

However it is a very useful thing but the only problem is that in platforms like LinkedIn, most people don’t turn the sounds on, they just see the visuals. According to some researches, most of the videos watched on media channels like LinkedIn are viewed with the audio off. 

Many times people watch videos while they are at work, or when they are traveling through public transport. In these situations, people usually keep the sounds off. So if add subtitles in your videos, then people will stay engaged even if there are no sounds.

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LinkedIn Videos Autoplay On Mute  

In simple words, LinkedIn has an algorithm or you can say a system that automatically puts all the video on the mute. So whenever a person sees a video, he is not able to hear the audio until he turns it on manually. 

This means that if you put subtitles in your videos, then the will be able to get the idea of your content just by looking at it, which will increase the watch time of your LinkedIn videos. This won’t only help you get more views but LinkedIn will also boost your reach. 


Another main reason why subtitles are so important is that they help you increase the accessibility of your videos. It does not matter what kind of videos you make and how useful your content is, if it’s not easily understandable, then it’s of no use. 

Subtitles make your videos easy to understand, so anyone can watch it without having any problems. Apart from this, subtitles also make the content more accessible for people who have any kind of hearing ailments. 

 In short, the subtitles do not only increase the value of your content, but it also makes sure that it can be understood by everyone. 

How Do I Add Subtitles To A LinkedIn Video 

Now some of you might be thinking how do I add I add subtitles to my LinkedIn videos. Well, the process is very simple. First, you have to search for a good quality transcription service, one of them is Audext. It is a voice to text converter online. it is one of the most popular online transcription services that will help you convert voice to text very quickly. 

It is very easy to use, which makes it perfect for everyone. Though if you have no experience and don’t know to convert audio to text, then here are some steps that you have to follow to add subtitles to your LinkedIn videos. 

The first thing you have to do is to upload your video that you want to transcribe in the Audext online transcription. To do this, You have to click on the upload file option. Then you have to choose the language in which the video is spoken. Within a few minutes, it will create subtitles for your video. 

Now if you want, then you can review the text file and make some changes because sometime it can’t find the right spelling. 

Once you have reviewed the subtitles, all you have to do is click on the export button. LinkedIn requires an SRT file to add the subtitles, so you have to export your text into an SRT file. 

Now you have to log in to your LinkedIn account and click on the “start a post option”. Locate and upload the video in your LinkedIn account. Make sure to add a good description and right hashtags.  

The final thing you have to do is upload the SRT file. Go to the options (pencil mark) and you will see video setting there. Select the attach file option and choose the SRT file and save it. Now just upload the video, and once the upload will complete, you will be able to see the subtitles. 


So these were some reasons why subtitles are so important and why everyone should use it. Subtitles are a great way to make your content more engaging. it also helps you make your content more accessible. Apart from this, the good thing is that now you can easily create subtitles within minutes. 

All you have to do is follow some simple steps and your subtitles will be ready. Subtitles also give your content more clarity, that’s why everyone should use online transcription to create subtitles.