Tom Holland And Zendaya Finally Made It Official

Tom Holland
Tom Holland

Tom Holland, the famous actor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is officially dating Zendaya, his co-star from the movie, “Spider-Man.” The rumors solidified on Thursday. It was through their makeout session that got the attention of the media. The incident took place in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Tom Holland Might Be Serious

Tom Holland, the 25-year-old actor was spotted with his beau at one of the city’s red lights. They were taking the most advantage of the sunset. Both him and Zendaya, the 25-year-old artist were inside his sports car from Audi, the price of which is approximately 125,000 USD. As per the pictures provided by the media, Tom Holland can be clearly seen holding the face of the “Euphoria” star as he kissed her passionately. After that, there was a point when the two smiled at each other while they acted playful and silly on the car seat. Following that the Spiderman actor caressed the chin of his partner after having given a good amount of staring.

After that, the couple was spotted in the neighborhood called Silver Lake that is situated in the town of Los Angeles, California. Sources have confirmed the area of the residence of Claire Stormer, Zendaya’s mother. On the same day, Stormer could be spotted with the new couple just outside her house. Now what this means is that their relationship is not a casual one. Because no one involves the family in a casual relationship.

There might be something serious going on between the couple. The actress was spotted wearing a crop top that was white in color. She kept her hairstyle effortlessly interesting. She wore a pair of turquoise jeans. Tom Holland too wore comfortable attire. He wore a t-shirt that was white in color. He paired it with black shorts and a pair of white sneakers.