Top Apps to Live Comfortably in Big Cities

Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City

Surely you often notice that life in a big city is quite intense and complex. The fact is that you have to complete many tasks every day. Are you ready to plan your daily itinerary, shop, and get work done on schedule? Surely you will need applications to automate some of the basic tasks. Here is a list worth checking out.


Surely you have at least once experienced problems choosing the right route. What if you are late for an important meeting or fail to complete a task on time? Well, Citymapper is a good helper for those who have just recently moved to a new city. Let’s say you want to find a bus stop, a car-sharing company, or bicycle parking. Now you don’t have to explore every inch of the city in the hope of being lucky. You need to open the map and find the markers that are important to you. It’s as easy as finding honest reviews on the Internet. First, you need to choose the right criteria.

Spotted by Locals

Any big city offers a lot of new opportunities. For example, you can visit hundreds of restaurants, cinemas, bars and concert venues. But how do you choose a good location to have a great time? Well, now you can download the Spotted by Locals app and not worry about trifles. The fact is that this application contains a large number of reviews regarding many places in most large cities in America and other countries. So now you don’t need to spend a couple of hours to find a good location.

All you need is a couple of clicks. By the way, many reviews can be useful for beginners who do not yet know travel tricks or do not want to be upset because of the poor quality of services. Although this application is paid, you will surely enjoy access to many recommendations.


Moving to a big city means your expenses will increase. The fact is that you have to pay for apartment rent, food transfers, and other activities. That is why you should think in advance about planning your budget for several months. How about downloading Mint? This application will help you control your finances, credit score and limit spending. Consider this your financial manager.

The big plus is that Mint helps many people avoid spontaneous spending. The fact is that you can set up pop-up notifications or daily limits and control your spontaneous purchases. By the way, thanks to this application, students can save money and find someone to delegate assignments.


Citizen is a very ambitious application that will soon be available to all residents of large cities in the United States. The main idea of ​​the developers is to help people contact 911, police, and rescue services. The app allows you to ask for help, report a violation, or get support when you need it. Developers believe that people should have the right to receive comprehensive one-click help. Also, what if you cannot speak or have some other barriers to getting help? That is why this application must be installed on your smartphone.


One of the key benefits of big cities is entertainment. You’ve probably already noticed that in Los Angeles, New York, Washington or Seattle, there are tons of parties, cinemas, concert halls, and art galleries. However, it will be difficult for a beginner to navigate and find a great event nearby in time. Eventbrite is the Holy Grail for those looking for new experiences. Here you can keep track of any nearby events, book tickets, and make lists of key concerts or gatherings. Now your social life can get much more interesting.


Let’s say you have just arrived in a new city and do not yet know where you want to stay for a couple of days. How about downloading Airbnb ? This application will help you find a house or apartment for short and long-term rent. So now you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for a place to sleep. Plus, you can choose the cheapest options if your budget is tight. So, as you can see, now living in a big city will become much more comfortable.

Final Words

Life in a big city is impossible without a smartphone. The point is, you need access to the best locations, discounts, reviews, and advice if you want to integrate into a new community quickly. The above applications are useful for active people who want to save time and not worry about details. Now you can control your budget, leisure, and activity lists every day. Forget about routine actions because now applications will help you automate most processes. You only need Internet access to download each application in a few clicks.

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