Maluma About To Embark On His US Tour


The tour starts on 31st August. Maluma kicked off his US tour in Sacramento, California. The four-month-long tour is likely to finish in November this year. He would be performing in major cities of the country. The Colombian singer will begin his Don Juan world tour at the end of August. He is excited and fans are over-excited. Previously he took a year off to focus on his physical and emotional health. He was still experimenting to know what was best for him. Which is music obviously. However lately it took a huge toll on him.

29 Years Maluma Soon Going To Rule 30 Cities

The month-long US tour begins on 31st August. 30 cities will be converted in this tour. The singer has expressed his excitement about spending the fall in the US. It has always been his dream. The tour is likely to be wrapped on 4th November.

Maluma is excited to meet all the fans in the US. These fans are crazy and he missed all the performances in massive arenas. Don Juan is his best album so far. He invested most of his life and musical experiences so far. Maluma appreciates the fans’ love and support for his music. And he as an artist is his core responsibility to give the fans what they deserve. He has worked hard for this album. 

The singer is going to perform new songs from his new album. He hasn’t performed this in front of a large audience. The fans will have life experiences. They will never forget this tour of Maluma. This concert is going to be different from previous ones. Don Juan is none other than Maluma’s alter ego. He has announced it on Instagram. He bid goodbye to Papi Juancho in December and introduced Don Juan. He last toured in 2022. Maluma’s latest song has already hit 1 billion on Spotify.