Travis Barker Reveals His Finger Surgery To Be The Toughest Decision Yet

Travis Barker
Travis Barker

Blink-182 reportedly postponed the Latin American world tour of their leg, prior to this week due to Travis Barker’s injury. The 47-year-old Blink-182 band member recently updated his fans via an Instagram post shared this Friday, about his current status after undergoing a necessary surgical procedure to impair his damaged finger ligament.

Blink-182 Drummer, Travis Barker Confirms About Steady Recovery After Successful Surgery 

Barker began his caption by thanking his loved ones who prayed for him while he was in the surgery, the drummer added that it was one of his hardest decision to make although he knew he would be unable to perform on the drums without this. The rock band musician who has previously torn apart his finger ligament confirms that his surgery was inevitable as it was just a matter of time before his finger would get dislocated again if not fixed with proper surgical procedure. 

The post continued off to thank Dr.Shin whom Travis Barker is ever so grateful to for his successful surgery, the drummer has reassured his fans that he will still be able to do what he loves and expects to see his fans soon on the tour. The social media post was attached with a picture of him laying on a hospital bed as he had a cast wrapped over his arm and hand. Barker also added another clip which was given with a trigger warning that showcased a really graphic imagery of him getting his finger sliced open.

It was just earlier in the week that he released pics of the severely injured finger over his personal Instagram. The carousel of snaps began by showing a medical professional who can be seen trying to put his dislocated finger back together. The worker asked Travis Barker if he could feel any pain and he responded with a vague yeah as his face scrunched up in pain.