Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority enters into school security partnership with Forbes Road School District, Fulton County Pennsylvania.

The Forbes Road School District in Fulton County, PA, has entered into a partnership with Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority to provide public safety and protective security services. These services are primarily intended for extracurricular activities at the Forbes Road Junior-Senior High School; to ensure the peace, safety, and protection of students, staff, and visitors. Across the United States, public and private schools have been steadily increasing and upgrading their safety and security in recent years. Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority (TSE) is proud to partner with educational facilities to ensure the safety of the facilities, students, and staff. Educational institutions often explore numerous options in an effort to enhance protection and improve the safety of their grounds and students. Frequently, public schools qualify for state or federal grant money, for the express purpose of increasing and improving school security.

With the growing demand for improved security and protection in private and public schools, TSE is proud to be a resource for schools who seek a partnership to protect against all-hazards, and all-threats. With schools more frequently being the scene of unspeakable horror, it has become the highest priority to take responsible and effective measures to prevent and mitigate criminal and hazardous acts. For schools in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, TSE is a regional partner engaged in providing scalable, responsive, and trusted physical safety and protection of schools, their students, staff, and visitors. To learn more about TSE, please visit ​

TSE officers are afforded world-class training and continuing education opportunities, and are equipped with the best currently-available equipment and technologies. It’s for these reasons and more that TSE is a leader in the delivery of innovative and effective contracted policing, public safety, and protective security services for agency partners and clients, to include educational facilities and schools. Organizations seek a partnership with TSE primarily due to the shortcomings of the average security guard company; wishing to upgrade their overall level of security reduce the likelihood and severity of future incidents and crimes. To learn more about the core function and abilities of TSE, please visit ​​

About Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority (TSE) TSE is a privately held regional authority which supplies protective security, special police, and public safety services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

Media Contact
Organization Name: Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority  Huntingdon Field Office
Contact Person: John Simpson
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-814-283-4868
Address: 10527 School House Hollow Road
City: Huntingdon
State: PA
Country: United States

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