Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) Issued Earnings Estimate for Q1 2021


Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock have received a raised earnings estimate for the 1st quarter of 2021 by the analysts of Wedbush on 30th March. Wedbush has given a rating of ‘hold’ currently. They have assigned an EPS of $0.61 for Q2 2021, $1.02 for Q4 2021 with $3.21 for FY2021.

On Friday the company started from $661.75 with the market cap being $635.18 billion. Their lowest in 12 months is $89.28 while the highest is $900.40. Their current quick, and leverage ratio is 1.63, 1.32, and 0.63. Their 50 day rolling average is $694.15 while the 200 days one is $614.69.

According to their 27th January report, their quarterly EPS was $0.80, topping the $0.63 consensus estimate by almost $0.17. They had a 1.97% net margin with a 4.93% equity return. Their quarterly revenue was $10.70 billion, surpassing the $10.38 billion estimate.

Market Undertakings Of TSLA Stock

FIX raised their rating of Tesla shares to “buy” while Edward Jones assigned a rating of “hold”. Barclays lifted the price objective to $230 from $125. BNP Paribas demoted it to $340 from $385 as well as the rating to “underperform” from “neutral”. Zacks upped the rating to “strong-buy” from “hold” and allotted it $747. The firm has the average “hold” recommendation with a $354.33 price objective on average.

Kimbal Musk, the Director, sold off 30,000 TSLA shares at an $852.12 average selling price worth $25,563, 600. Vaibhav Taneja, CAO, sold off 1,844 TSLA shares at a $595.08 average selling price worth $1,097,327.52. 23% of Tesla stock is owned by insiders.

PVT Asset Management increased its holdings on Tesla stock by nearly 2.9%, owning $1,626,000 worth of shares. SWS Partners acquired a new stake and own $344,000 worth of shares. Bard Services purchased a new position and owns $3,264,000 worth of shares. Rollins Financial acquired a new stake, owning $587,000 worth of shares. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 41.39% of TSLA stock.

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