Tulsa Massacre: Proclamation Issued By The President

Tulsa Massacre
Tulsa Massacre

Last Monday saw the President issue his proclamation as a tribute to the 1921 Tulsa Massacre, where he called for Americans to eradicate systemic racism while pledging for racial justice. President Joe Biden asked his fellow Americans to commemorate the loss of life and security that occurred over a period of 2 days in 1921 while celebrating the resilience and bravery of those that survived. The pride he felt on those that helped rebuild the country as well as eradicate systemic racism was palpable. 

Hundred Years of The Tulsa Massacre

The Tulsa Massacre took place a hundred years ago, on the 31st of May and the 1st of June when white rioters demolished the wealthy neighborhood of Greenwood- which mostly had Black-owned businesses. This was situated in Tulsa, Oklahoma- with the place being christened “Black Wall Street”. The riots resulted in the loss of lives of hundreds of Black people while left Greenwood reeling at such massive destruction. 

Incidentally, none of the Black people who survived the Tulsa Massacre as well as their relatives have been compensated for their ordeal. Most of the insurance companies back then declined the claims of the victims- which would have a valuation of around $27 million when adjusted for inflation. Almost 10,000 community residents caught in the crossfire were homeless. 

In his pledge against uprooting the cancer of systemic racism, the President stated that it would need the united front of the entire country to reflect on where it stood with regards to racial terror. Then, it would have to commit to uprooting this vile disease throughout the country. Further, Biden also asked for the federal government to understand the gravity of their actions when it stripped the opportunity and wealth of the Black communities under the Tulsa Massacre.