Tyler Anderson To Appear For The Mariners

Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson has been roped in by the Mariners. In the recent trade window, Anderson switched sides. The mariners made the big reveal recently about Tyler. Anderson is a great buy for the team. He has been phenomenal for the Pirates. The lefty athlete gave the Pirates a run for their money. In other news, Joaquin Tejada & Carter Bins decided to move back to Pittsburgh. 

Tyler Anderson To Play For The Mariners In The Coming Season

Anderson’s move to the Mariners was a startling one. According to the reports, Mariners was not his first choice. He was almost confirmed by the Phillies. However, Mariners seems to have made quite a steal. The induction of Tyler will strengthen their side to a great extent. They should be aiming for the championship in the upcoming season.

Mariners were plagued by injuries. They signed James Paxton with great expectations. But the celebrations were cut short injury. Nick Margevicius, Ljay Newsome, Justin Dunn & Justus Sheffield soon followed suit. The injuries depleted the squad further. It also meant that the policy of rotation would be harmed. 

The very induction of Tyler Anderson will stabilize the squad. Though he is not known to be a star, he does packs a punch. He has performed fairly well and can provide solidity at the back. He is expected to be used as a rotation. The most important aspect of Anderson is his fitness. He manages to stay out of injuries most of the time. This seemed to be the need of the hour for the team.

Apart from his stable gameplay, he is also an economical option. He was in a deal of $2.5m with Pirates. After he has his dues paid, he will be a free agent. That will enable Mariners to sign him on rent. Meanwhile, with Tyler Anderson now gone, Philadelphia has to now set sight on someone else.