Lauren Boebert Wins Colorado 2022 Elections

Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert, a radical Republican congressman from Colorado, won her primary on Tuesday night not long after criticizing the US constitution’s prohibition on the separation of religion and state.

Colorado’s pro-gun congresswoman Lauren Boebert is expected to be re-elected after winning the Republican primary in her district last night. Boebert easily defeated Don Coram, a moderate Republican who had allies on both sides of the political spectrum in the state House but was not as well known as Boebert. Despite what seems like never-ending controversy, she triumphs. Former Boebert’s restaurant staff in Rifle, Colorado, told me earlier this year that the lawmaker frequently delayed paying them. 

Lauren Boebert Is A Republican Extremist

Colorado will look into her use of campaign cash improperly. This past weekend, she committed her most recent faux pas by saying, “I am weary of this separation of religion and state stuff.”

However, none of that is likely to stop Boebert from running for office. Her district leans even more heavily Republican this year than it did in 2020 as a result of redistricting. In the general election, Boebert will square off against Democrat Adam Frisch. When Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert joked that she prays for President Joe Biden’s death while speaking at a Christian gathering, she was greeted with shouts and ovations.

According to the center’s website, Boebert made the remarks during a weekend gathering at Charis Christian Center in Colorado Springs dubbed the Family Camp Meeting, which featured a number of pastors and lecturers “who have proven God’s Word.” Politicians have previously cited the controversial psalm. Former Georgia Senator David Perdue pointed the verse at former President Barack Obama in 2016 as the senator was speaking at the Road to Majority meeting of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.