Supreme Court To Decide On Roe v. Wade Case

Texas Abortion Law
Texas Abortion Law

The Supreme Court of the United States of America will have to give a judgment on the Roe v. Wade case within the next two days. The judgment will be deciding the fate of Roe. However, there is no one in the press of Washington DC who has taken notice of the subject. There might be a reason why there is no sense of urgency when it comes to the said law. The majority of people are with the “anti-abortionists.” and the reasons that have been stated are their religious beliefs and the belief that life is divine. 

The Supreme Court Must Take Notice Of…

Since most citizens in the United States of America have very little interest in the field of politics, usually they go with whatever is told by the press corps with regard to the view of the anti-abortionists. But nobody knows what the Supreme Court of the country will decide on it eventually.

The decision will be made in a few days. The matter will be decided by a total of six justices who are conservative in nature. Unfortunately, it can be said that the concerned justices of the United States Supreme Court will give their judgment on the basis of all the lies that are generally told to them by the anti-abortionists. 

Those anti-abortionists have always made their point on the basis of the “sanctity of life,” and how valuable is the life of an embryo. However, if that really mattered, then this whole belief in the system of anti-abortionism would not have existed in the first place. The significance of abortion transcends the right to life of an embryo as well as the right to choice of all women.

And the Supreme Court must keep in mind the fact that the evangelical Protestants who are all white, who are speaking up for anti-abortionists are the ones who openly threatened that they would make those Republicans in case they distance themselves from the “coup d’etat” of former president Donal Trump.