Justice Thomas’ 30 Years In The Supreme Court

justice thomas
justice thomas

Justice Thomas from the Supreme Court of the United States of America will be celebrating his 3 decade anniversary. The 73-year-old completed a total of 30 years in providing his service to the Supreme Court. In order to honor him, a series of initiatives have been taken up by the “Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy.” An online symposium has been posted by them. The tribute is a combination of the personal as well as the legal legacy of Justice Thomas. It was presented by a number of former clerks of justice.

Justice Thomas’ Nature

Nicole Stelle, one of the law professors, has written about her personal experiences with regard to the Georgia-based Justice Thomas. It was stated that every day after mass, it was his routine to wait for his two “ladies.” They were two old women, one black and one white. The two would tell him their fascinating stories.

And no matter how packed his schedule would be for the rest of his day, he would never miss doing that. The reason behind this was because it was important for the two ladies to do so. And professor Stelle also stated that he still remembers the name of both the ladies and the fact that one of them passed away. They are Ilsa and Geraldine.

The two ladies were not the only ones who experienced the kindness of Justice Thomas. One of the police officers of the Capitol Police, too, experienced it. It was stated that the Justice called him by his good name and then went on to ask how his son was doing. And when asked how he came to know him, he replied by stating that they met while he was working for a US Senator. The one lesson that he always teaches is that the person who is in front of one is always important.