Virginia Gubernatorial Race: Youngkin Brings Up McAuliffe’s Past

virginia gubernatorial race
virginia gubernatorial race

The nominee of the Republican Party for the Virginia Gubernatorial Race, Glenn Youngkin has reminded voters of Terry McAuliffe’s, his Democratic opponent, past. Youngkin is a former businessman and brought up the tendency of McAuliffe to doubt the truth of elections.

A Heated Virginia Gubernatorial Race

Youngkin is seeking to find the common ground between hyping up Republican supporters while also being on the good side of moderates. The task has been made more difficult and trickier by Donald Trump, the former Republican president. Last Thursday, Trump had suggested that Youngkin can prevail in the Virginia Gubernatorial Race only if he accepted the Make America Great Again movement.

Youngkin, however, has repeatedly stated his belief in the results of the presidential elections of 2020 in which Joe Biden triumphed over Trump. But, in a recent interview with Axios, Youngkin refused to confirm whether he would have certified the election by giving his vote if he were a Congress member.

Terry McAuliffe was immediately critical of his opponent. The Virginia Gubernatorial Race will determine if McAuliffe will retain his office. Youngkin then brought up the history of McAuliffe where he has been repeatedly doubtful of the electoral system of America. A new Twitter page has even been promoted of the same by McAuliffe’s campaign.

With regards to the claims in the Virginia Gubernatorial Race, Youngkin was referring to McAuliffe’s long-held insistence on George Bush stealing the presidential elections in 2000. He had even gone as far as alleging the Supreme Court of tampering with election results. Even in 2017, McAuliffe has been recorded as insisting on Al Gore’s victory.

Nevertheless, the Virginia Gubernatorial Race is tightening as per the polling average of FiveThirtyEight. McAuliffe currently holds a slender lead which is below 3%. The last Republican governor of Virginia was Bob McDonnell, McAuliffe’s predecessor.

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