Ways In Which You Can Improve Your IPL Fun

cricketing season
cricketing season

The cricketing season has begun, and fans are more excited than ever. IPL fans all over the world had lost hope for witnessing some good cricket owing to the pandemic situation. Watching their favorite cricketers back in action is nothing short of a blessing. Watching IPL is fun, but can this experience be enhanced a bit more? Yes, it can. And this article will tell you exactly how.  

Look at the amount spent on these teams. 

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Go for high-resolution viewing options 

It is up to you whichever platform you choose to see the tournament. However, watching in Standard definition is not recommended if you can go for the high definition option. If watching on TV, unlock Star Sports HD channels. There is no difference in price between SD and HD channels. If streaming live on Disney+Hotstar VIP, go to settings and video quality, and choose the maximum resolution. You will feel that you are getting much more out of the game when you watch in high definition. Some things which you have missed in SD will all become clear in HD.  

Listen to the commentary 

Listening to the commentary doubles the fun of watching any match. Pick a language in which you’re comfortable and listen to the commentary in the same language. The commentators share their experiences and offer various insights into the game. Most commentators are retired cricketers, and some of them have played in the IPL too. So, it is nice sometimes to hear out their stories and tales of their days.  

Watch with family and friends 

The fun of an IPL match increases manifold once you have some company to watch it with. Especially when your favorite team is playing, and you all are rooting for it. The excitement is at another level when your friends support one team, and you are supporting the opposite team. You take a jibe at them when your team performs well and vice versa. Add to all these some pizzas and drinks, and it is an evening to remember.  

Get comfortable 

There is no fun in watching a match when you are not at your safe place. So, slip into some pajamas and wear a light shirt. Lie down on the couch and turn on the TV. Make sure the temperature of the room is to your liking so that it doesn’t get too hot. The heat of the game is enough for you.  

Make some noise 

Even though you cannot witness the matches live at the stadiums, you can make the same noise at your home. So, cheer loudly for your team and boo the opposition players. It doesn’t matter if the players can’t hear you. You are doing this for yourself, to get the feel of the game. So, scream at the player who missed an easy catch, clap for that impressive six, and whistle when MS Dhoni comes on screen. Just don’t let your vocal cords stay silent and get them to work.  

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