Wendy Williams’ Brother Finally Got His Reply

Wendy Williams' Brother
Wendy Williams' Brother

Wendy Williams’ brother, Tommy Williams, alleged her of not attending the funeral of her mother. Following this, the host of the talk show called out on him on her talk show. This incident took place this Monday. The host addressed the allegations of her brother within a few minutes. This is one family drama that took place publicly.

Wendy Williams’ brother had recently created flashy headlines in the media with regard to the allegations he made against his sister. He publicly alleged that Wendy Williams missed the funeral service of Shirley Williams, their mother. Shirley passed away in the year 2020.

Wendy Williams’ Brother Addressed On The Talk Show

Wendy Williams’ brother took to the social media platform, YouTube, to charge the other Williams. he slammed her in a video that he posted. In the video, he is can be seen saying that his sister failed to be there for the only person who always stood by her during her hard times. He also said that it was hard for him to digest the fact that she ignored everything and moved on like nothing ever happened.

This was not the only thing claimed by Wendy Williams’ brother. He also mentioned the fact that she was there in the wake ceremony of the mother. The wake ceremony is something that takes place before the funeral. He said that she was there with her child, Kevin Hunter Jr. The brother also added that Kevin Hunter Sr. made sure he attended the funeral service. Hunter Sr. is the ex-husband of Wendy Williams. He was there even in the absence of his ex-wife.

Wendy Williams replied to this in her show. She addressed her brother directly, warning him to stay within his limits. She ended her stern statement with a dash of humor.