Rachel Uchitel Reveals Details Of Her Affair With Tiger Woods In A Documentary

Rachel Uchitel
Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel made a new revelation of the story between her and Tiger Woods, the golf sensation. This is done in the documentary, Tiger, which streams on HBO Max. the story is told in the second part of the documentary.

The relationship that was shared by the mistress and Tiger had been a very infamous one. this was the affair that led to permanent damage to the image of Woods. Since the affair, he was no longer the righteous “all-American-athlete”.

Rachel Uchitel And Tiger Woods

In the year 2009, Tiger Woods was known as a serial womanizer worldwide. The affair between him and his mistress, Rachel Uchitel got flashed out after they were caught by Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren. Rachel Uchitel was the manager of a night club since then.

The documentary reveals the fact that Woods and his mistress managed to convince Elin Nordegren that there was nothing going on between them, in a phone conversation. They were successful in making the wife believe that the ongoing rumors of the affair between the two were not at all true. However, Woods, during that time, was full of concern that the media would break the news of him and Rachel Uchitel, anytime soon.

Elin Nordegren, following the staged phone call, believed in them. Rachel Uchitel gave a statement in the documentary that cleared out things from during that time. She stated that the couple was successful in convincing the wife, which seemed to be a hard task as it looked nearly impossible to change her mind. However, the truth got revealed just two days after the staged call happened.

It was on 2009 thanksgiving that Rachel Uchitel got a message from Woods’. She then received a call from his number and received by calling him “babe”. It was actually Elin who had called her. This revealed everything and led to a divorce between Woods and Elin.