What Are Sports Betting Lines & How Do They Work?

Mickey Callaway
Mickey Callaway

Betting on sports has never been more popular as it has been in this modern era. The popularity of sports betting looks only set to continue with this increased use of online sites. These sides have played a huge role in the number of players that opt to make wagers online, and one of the reasons for their success is down to the markets that are offered. One of the most popular markets that gamblers can look to make wagers on are the betting lines. You can learn everything you need to know about the lines in this article.

What Are Sports Betting Lines?

Sports betting lines are very straightforward for gamblers to understand. It is a way that the sportsbook levels the playing field in terms of the two sides that are involved. Depending on the sport, that could mean points or goals given to the underdogs in order to close the gap on the team that are considered the favourite. The lines are most popular when wagering money on North American sport such as basketball, American Football and hockey. But, we will use an example to show how straightforward they are to understand.

Sports Betting Lines Example

To show how betting lines work, we will use an example. Below, you will see potential lines for an NBA match up:

  • Los Angeles Clippers (-7.5) 

  • Indiana Pacers (+7.5)

From these lines, you will see that the Clippers are the heavy favourites to win, as they will be starting the game at a disadvantage. In order for a bet on the Clippers to win, they must win by at least eight clear points at the end of regulation time. However, if you’re betting on the Pacers with a +7.5 advantage, then they must not lose by eight clear points. That means that you can win the bet with the Pacers on any other result except for a Clippers win by eight points.

What Are The Advantages Of Betting Lines?

It may be confusing for novices to understand the betting lines, but it acts as a handicap. It is an excellent market to get higher returns on potential winning wagers, but finding the value is essential. Before making a bet on the lines, you will need to look at the Moneyline odds, as this will be the biggest indicator as to whether you should wager your money on that market of the lines. However, line betting is extremely popular, especially when wagering on the NBA, where the difference between some sides in the conferences is vast.

Can You Take Advantage Of A Welcome Bonus When Betting On Lines?

New customers will always be able to bet on the sports betting lines after taking advantage of a welcome offer. These welcome offers can be found at https://bettingbonus.online, but you should be wary of reading the terms and conditions before taking advantage. However, claiming a welcome bonus before wagering on lines is an excellent perk for new customers that shouldn’t be missed out on.