Why Your Agency Should Opt For A Blog? 


Writing blogs for a website is a simple yet effective solution when it comes to driving traffic. But with expertise at the heart of the latest E.A.T guidelines published by Google; a blog can now carry massive benefits for a business of any size. Here, we have compiled some of the main reasons why your business should start their own blog.  

Helps To Drive Traffic  

One of the biggest benefits of writing a blog as a business is driving traffic to your website. By making relevant topics and content that is tailored to your target audience you are then able to drive traffic to your site. Here at Absolute Digital Media, we believe that using topics and keywords can play to the Google algorithm. This is why we believe in creating blog posts that are easy to find and relevant to the audience that you are trying to reach, this will then help to boost traffic to the webpage. 

Helps To Establish Authority  

In addition to driving traffic, a blog can also help to boost the authority of the site as it shows refreshed content full of leading industry knowledge. This will not only cater to Googles algorithm but will also follow E.A.T guidelines. This will help to increase the authority of your website and in turn boost your rankings. This is important when competing against other larger companies as the blog can act as an avenue to capture the attention of your chosen audience. In addition, the blog can also be updated and changed as the industry changes, allowing your customers to view you as a reliable source of information throughout the industry.  

Can Answer Customer Questions  

A blog is also another simple way of creating an answer to a customer question. If it is a question that has been asked repeatedly, creating an in-depth blog post is often much more beneficial then writing an answer on an FAQ page. Therefore, taking the time to look at these questions and plan your blog posts in advance can prove valuable. It is also advised to keep the word count and overall theme catered to your business model as this relevancy is crucial when it comes to fulfilling the needs of the customer.  

Creates Shareable Content  

The final benefit to a blog for a business of any size is sharable content. A blog post that is informative, entertaining and relevant can transcend across several different platforms to reach new audiences. This is a simple yet effective way of sharing industry knowledge, whilst providing a resource for those in the industry and those looking to use your services or products. This is also a great way to place internal links to the rest of the website and generate traffic to many different pages.  

With this in mind, creating a blog post with relevant information will help to boost your company in the long term as well as create a trusting relationship between the business and the customer moving forward. What will be your first blog post? 

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