World Cup Last 16: Why The Teams Escaped The Group Stage Might Go All The Way Through

World Cup
2022 World Cup

This World Cup seems more like a race than an usual World Cup, which might feel like a lifetime. There will be no dayoffs between the conclusion of the uninterrupted 13-day group phase on Fri and the start of the ro16 on Sat with matches between Australia and Argentina as well as the Netherlands.

So let’s start previewing the knockout rounds right away. While the dance lineup is still being finalized, let’s discuss the major advantages and disadvantages of each contending team, or more specifically, the causes they qualified, the chances they may progress, and the fatal faults that will almost certainly cause them to lose.

Here Are Some Reasons Why The Teams That Have Qualified From The Group Stage Will Win The World Cup:


They have bounced back after their defeat to Saudi Arabia. Even though the Saudis’ 2-1 victory on Tuesday was spectacular, it was a blatant example of how sometimes games are pointless. Saudi Arabia took 3 shots totaling 0.2 xG compared to 15 attempts worth 2.3 xG by Argentina, although the Saudis, to their glory, played outstanding defense late in games. However, then happened the Messi Magic along with some changes in the team that helped them qualify with a win against Mexico and Poland each and might take them all the way through too win the World Cup.


If we were to be very pessimistic we might refer to the Socceroos as lucky. They took twenty-one shots totaling barely 1.8 xG in 3 group stage games, yet they managed to steal 3 goals and two 1-0 victory against Tunisia as well as Denmark. In the group phase, they took less shots (21) comparing to their rivals (50), but still advanced. We know how football can be poetic at times, and if the Aussies can keep their form alive, who knows what can happen.