World News Updates: Germany Begins Reopening Shops as Coronavirus Limits Ease

Reports come from Germany, Denmark, Norway, and the Czech Republic about possibilities of reopening the counties and easing of restrictions. 

Since the spread of COVID-19 pandemic late last year, many countries have gone into lockdowns. But concerns rise as these restrictions take a heavy blow on the global economy. 

Other European countries like Italy and France who were the hardest hit decided to ease restrictions in a phased manner. 

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As countries globally face the economic slowdown due to the pandemic, more and more voices against lockdowns gain traction. Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian president, joined demonstrators to protest against the restrictions put up by the country’s governors. Similar protests have been reported from the United States. 

Businesses in Germany have been allowed to resume operations after being shut down for nearly a month. Strict preventive measures are still to be followed until the end of April. Chancellor Angela Merkel is reported to meet with the state governors at the end of this month to take further decisions. 

Germany observed a decrease in its rate of infections in recent days. It has recorded 141,672 positive cases and 4,404 coronavirus related deaths.