Donald Trump To Make His Return To Social Media?

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

It is reported that Donald Trump, the former president of the United States of America, is making his return to the world of social media. He is reportedly doing so with his own personal platform. This comes after several months of him getting banned from all the popular sites of social media. The news was given by an adviser this Sunday.

The banning of Donald Trump comes following the deadly riot that broke out in the Capitol building in the month of January. It ended up killing a total of 5 people. the former president is held responsible for inciting the violence and so a number of popular social media sites deactivated his account.

Donald Trump’s Personal Platform?

The former president is currently residing in his resort, Mar-a-Lago, which is situated in the state of Florida. There happen to be no such statements from his side after he got blocked by the social media platform, Twitter.

There is a widespread rumor of the fact that Donald Trump is working towards building a whole another TV network of his own. This is said to be done to fetch all the viewers of the TV channel, Fox News.

However, Jason Miller, the adviser, gave a new direction to the customization of media that might be taken into consideration by the 74-year-old former President. It was stated that his immediate target was social media. Miller made it known that Donald Trump is making his social media return within the next few months. And it will be on a platform that he will own.

The adviser also stated that the former Republican president was far from doing nothing in his resort. He has had numerous meetings with a couple of people. It was also reported that he was approached by several company officials.

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