YouTube TV Fails To Reach New Deal

YouTube TV
YouTube TV

YouTube TV has been completely incapable of reaching a deal with Disney which would have seen it keep more than a dozen channels on its streaming service. As of the 18th of December, several networks such as ABC and ESPN have been taken off from the service.

And as promised, the live streaming service has dropped its charge of subscription to $50 per month as a result of it losing some of the major networks. On Friday, Disney came up with a statement where they stated that the live streaming service had declined to reach a fair deal with them which would have been based on market conditions and terms. 

YouTube TV Loses Disney

In its blogpost, YouTube TV stated that it would not be letting go of the conversations with Disney to advocate on behalf of the consumers to restore the content on the live streaming service. The statement further stated that they have had good faith negotiations with Disney for the last couple of months. Unfortunately, despite their best attempts, they haven’t been able to reach an equitable arrangement before their last one got over, hence the channels no longer exist on the streaming platform. 

This announcement did follow a notice that was shared with a few subscribers in the early part of the week that most of the channels could see themselves getting removed from YouTube TV on Friday if a deal was not struck between the two conglomerates. Should negotiations fail, the streaming platform would have to lower its subscription price by $15, which it did. 

It can be said without a shred of doubt that the loss of so many channels doesn’t exactly help YouTube TV maintain the same relevance against other internet cable services like Live TV or Hulu. 

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