Lewis Hamilton Praised By Fernando Alonso

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a modern-day legend. He has had a great impact on modern-day racing. It is his influence that has inspired many young ones to take up racing. Apart from being an inspiration, Hamilton is one of the most ornamented racers. He has won innumerable championships in the Formula One circuit. It has been always speculated as to how he has achieved so much success. The answer might probably have been given by Fernando Alonso. He has stated that the racer has a very unique lifestyle. This lifestyle separates Lewis Hamilton from the rest of the lot. 

Fernando Alonso has also been a master racer. He played for Renault in his prime years. Alonso had a spectacular outing with Renault and won the title twice on the trot. Alonso then moved to McLaren later where he was introduced to Lewis as his teammate. He stated that Hamilton always had a zeal towards success. The unending hunger for victory set him apart from the rest. Alonso also had a whole lot of things to say about Lewis. Let us learn more about the discussion in detail below. 

Lewis Hamilton Is A Champion: Alonso 

Lewis Hamilton was praised heavily by Alonso recently. In a recently conducted interview, Fernando was asked to comment about Hamilton. He has a lot of experience playing with Lewis. He stated that he always possesses the attitude of a champion. Alonso also returned to mainstream racing in the current season. He is now forty years old. 

Lewis Hamilton is currently in hot pursuit of Max Verstappen. Max has threatened to run away with the championship this year. However, Alonso feels it would be a tough ask for Max. He stated that Verstappen has to be on his toes if he wishes to defeat Hamilton. 

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