Zendaya Rumored To Be Dating Tom Holland


Zendaya and Tom Holland are rumored to be seeing each other. It seems the online Spiderman and MJ are hitting it off-screen as well. The news of the couple being romantically into each other has been rumored for a long time. The on-screen chemistry of the duo is top-notch. Zendaya & Holland were first paired in the Spiderman movie. Tom Holland plays the iconic character of Spiderman while the former plays MJ. Interestingly enough, MJ is the love interest of Peter Parker(Spiderman) in the movie. To add to the speculations, the couple has been spotted together at a ceremony. 

Zendaya & Holland Now Couples?

Tom Holland and Coleman were spotted at a wedding reception recently. Being a celebrity comes with baggage. Although it provides fame and financial stability, there is a flip side as well. Celebrities often are plagued by intruders in their life. Every small detail gets leaked in public. Privacy is always at a risk. The spiderman duo seems to be learning this the hard way. 

Few weeks prior, the industry was taken by storm. Holland and his onscreen love were recorded to be kissing passionately. The video showed the couple sharing an intimate moment inside a car. Rumors started running wild about the duo being engaged. Holland and Coleman fueled the rumors further as they appeared for a wedding together. The couple seemed to have a great time in each other’s company. Both of them looked stunning as they posed for a group picture. 

Apart from being spotted together, Holland & Zendaya also made headlines this week. The latest trailers for their upcoming film “No Way Home” are out. This film was much-hyped and expectations skyrocketed after the trailers hit. The latest Spiderman movie will give us a sneak peek into the Multiverse. The Multiverse will be a strong factor going forward in MCU. Spiderman: No Way Home is scheduled to release on 17th December. 


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