$1.7 Trillion Spending Bill Becomes Law: Includes Funding Ukraine War Efforts

spending bill
spending bill

US President Biden signed the $1.7 trillion spending bill even as he spent his winter vacation in the US Virgin Islands in St. Croix. The law will ensure that the government does not face a shutdown and will also provide backing for the Ukraine war effort. The spending bill will provide $773B for discretionary, non-defense expenses and another $858B for defense. It marks a victory for both the Democrats and the Republicans.

The President tweeted that he signed the omnibus bipartisan spending bill that ended one year of progress that he termed as historical. He said that the money will go towards medical research, health care for veterans, safety, disaster recovery, and VAWA funding. The funds will also be used to provide crucial assistance for the Ukraine war effort and are expected to lead to an escalation in tension in Europe.

Joe Biden Lauds The Bipartisan Nature Of The Spending Bill

Joe Biden also tweeted that he looked forward to more in the new year. The ruling Democrats were stuck with the spending bill for close to a year before they were finally able to nudge it over the finishing line.

It was possible despite total opposition from the opposition Republicans who take control of the House in January following their win in the midterms. The GOP will publicize the fact that the defense spending exceeded non-defense expenditures, though the Democrats had wanted parity in spending. Kevin McCarthy, the California House Republican leader, who is set to become the speaker next month spoke even as the House reflected upon the spending bill.

President Biden stated that the spending budget was evidence that the two parties can converge and deliver for the people. He said that he looked forward to bipartisan progress in other fields in the years ahead. The House passed the spending bill in a vote last week that won by 225 to 221.