Latest Jan 6 Transcripts Reveal “Interesting” Facts To Prosecutors

Jan 6 Transcripts

New US Capitol Jan 6 transcripts have revealed that former US President Donald Trump and his close circle had a direct hand in the instigation of the riots and did nothing to prevent it from spinning out of control. He even considered a blanket pardon for the rioters. The series of new Jan 6 transcripts cover several topics and threw up new details.

The revelation included Trump’s son explaining messages to Mark Meadows, then chief-of-staff at the White House following the presidential elections. There is also insight into Melania Trump’s deep distrust of the inner circle around her husband and also a closer revelation of the chaos on that fateful day, including fresh insights into the response by the law enforcement officers on the ground.

The documents reveal additional details about Trump’s thoughts on a complete pardon for all rioters and also evidence of Meadows’ burning of incriminating documents during the period following the elections right up to the swearing-in of Joe Biden.

Trump Dismisses Jan 6 Transcripts As Usual Witch Hunt

Trump has dismissed the Jan 6 transcripts as the usual witch hunt and sued his usual tactics of trying to deflect the blame, this time onto Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker.

Committee Vice Chairman, Liz Cheney, one of the Republican members, wrote that it was a corrupt plan and not a simple one. He said that most Americans were unaware of how Trump and some people close to him hatched a plan to defeat the transfer of power even though they were aware that they had been defeated.

The Jan 6 transcripts provide an unprecedented view of the Trump team’s coordinated efforts to overturn the results of the election and they stopped at nothing in their attempts during those fateful days following the election. for instance, On November 4, 2020, a day after the presidential election, the Jan 6 transcripts reveal that Nevada Republican leader Michael McDonald held a conference call with Trump, Mark Medows, and his Son Eric. McDonald later described the call as a full attack mode, a war-room conference, as he described it.