Caleb Love Is Getting Back To UNC

Caleb Love
Caleb Love

Caleb Love, the guard of North Carolina, has decided to get back to his school for completing his junior season. He decided not to be a part of the Draft NBA after his success in the NCAA Tournament. This decision was declared by St. Louis, the Mo. native. A video was recently released on social media platforms where Caleb Love stated that he would never take the opportunity to play for North Carolina lightly. 

Hubert Davis Is Very Excited To Coach Caleb Love For Another Season

As per Caleb, he was very fortunate that he played for a team that has one of the largest fan bases in the whole world. He also had the opportunity to play with talented and experienced teammates and under accomplished coaches who challenged him in all the ways possible. 

There was a return of four starters in the team that easily went to the national game championship and people are expecting UNC to be in the top 5 as per the polls of preseason for 2022-2023. In the views of Hubert Davis, the senior coach of UNC, Caleb Love has a lot of passion for the program and his team and that motivates him to give maximum effort and win the national championship. 

This will make Caleb have a successful and long career journey in NBA. Hubert also stated that he is a gem who can handle pressure well and can make big shorts in nail-biting situations. He is excited to train the very gifted player for one more season. 

The average of Love is 15.9 points in each game and a success rate of 37.1% from shooting from the floor and 36% from the line of 3-point. His average of assists is 3.6 and the shot rate from the line of foul is 86.3%. The only point where he needs to improve is his finishing at the position of the rim.