10 Questions to Ask In an Interview

interview questions and answers
interview questions and answers

Job interviews can be pretty intimidating for the applicant. You go into the room where you don’t know anybody, and people ask you some questions. In the end, you don’t even know if you got the job! In reality, a job interview should feel like a dialogue and not an interrogation. Job seekers have every right to ask their questions about the company too!

Actually, this step is pretty important for both applicants and recruiters. You can really show interest and initiative during the hiring process. Bosses are just as interested in you as you are interested in getting employed! Before you land a job, you need to nail the interviewing process and see if this position will be a good fit.

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Of course, to apply for your dream job, you would need to craft a bot-beating resume first. You can get professional help and pay someone to write my resume so you can prepare more for the meeting! So, are you ready to do your best in a job meeting and still get to know the company better?

Top 10 Job Interview Questions and Best Answers

  1. What Will I Be Doing on a Daily Basis?

The first step of understanding your job assignment is actually learning about your responsibilities. It’s pretty important to know what the boss expects from you every day. This is also an opportunity to learn about key skills that you would need. After an interview, an applicant still gets some time to improve the qualification to fit better in the position.

  1. What Is the Social Culture of the Company?

For many people, their office is like a second home. They spend a lot of time with their co-workers, talk to them, eat with them, and so on. So don’t hesitate to ask your hiring manager about the social culture! Maybe, the employees of your department are super-friendly and often do some team-building exercises together.

  1. How Was the Level of Satisfaction Measured for the Last Person in My Potential Position?

Knowing that the last employee that had your job was satisfied with the position can help you see if the company is a good fit. Not all organizations want to discuss the level of happiness of their personnel because the bottom line is about the money. This can be a red flag for you, as it shows a toxic work environment. Your boss should care about your job satisfaction!

  1. How Do You Measure the Success and Achievements in This Position?

In most cases, job descriptions that are provided by HR on websites can be outdated or not fully representational of the actual work. You need to get all the information before you start working for the company. Understanding how they measure accomplishments helps you learn more about your direct responsibilities and about what success means to your manager.

  1. What Are Some Positive and Negative Sides of Working Here?

Every career advice expert says that your occupation can’t have only good moments every day. You can be sure that you will see some disadvantages soon enough! Still, similar to previous points, it’s important to know that the organization wants to talk about it. Here are some examples of negative aspects of your job:

  • you might get to stay late often;
  • there are no salary increases for the first couple of years for new workers;
  • managers are not looking for new ideas;
  • there are no paid medical leaves or vacations during your probation period.
  1. What Do You Expect From Someone Working in This Position in the Near Future?

It’s good to know what management wants from you. By asking this question, you can understand the experiences that you would need and the skills to move further in your career. Maybe your move up the professional ladder will depend on the first couple of months in the company. The recruiter can tell you more about what is expected from the newcomers.

  1. Does the Company Provide Education and Other Benefits to the Employees?

It can be a huge plus for an organization if it cares enough about its members of staff. Ask about some online or offline courses, educational opportunities, or professional retreats. You can’t always get all of this information from a job description. Putting the employees into such programs shows you that the company cares about the workers in the long-term perspective!

  1. What Is the Philosophy of the Organization Regarding the Clients and the Personnel?

Some businesses like to say that customers are the most important people to them. In the modern business environment, this statement is simply not true anymore! Your boss should care about the well-being of the staff as much as the profits in the long run. By asking this question, you will understand whether you will be punished for every little mistake you make!

  1. Could You Tell Me More About My Potential Future Department?

This question is more about personal relations with your co-workers. You might want to know about the general climate inside of your team, like the level of friendliness, openness to dialogue, and collaboration. Of course, your recruiter might not be aware of such details. In this case, ask to speak with somebody who will be working closely with you.

  1. Do You Have Any More Questions About My Qualifications or Previous Work Experience?

This question can be a nice conclusion to your meeting. It shows that you have already explored everything that you wanted to know and are ready to give the power back to the employers. Also, by asking this question, you demonstrate that the information that you have heard so far is acceptable to you. You are ready to engage in the rest of the hiring process!


As you can see, there are far more important things to discuss during a job meeting. It’s totally understandable that job seekers would want to impress the recruiter and bring their job search to an end. Of course, sometimes you need to find something quickly. Still, you need to see if the company would be a good fit for you as well.

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