What are Surebets? How does it Work in Betting?

What are Surebets
What are Surebets

Trying to win a bookmaker and earn more money, bettors use a variety of tricks to increase their own capital and minimize possible risks. Betting on surebets is one such method. You can try the technique on https://campobet.com/hi/.

What are Surebets?

A surebet is a situation in which a bettor can place a bet on different websites on opposite outcomes of one event and get a win in any case.

A betting scheme on bookmaker websites is built in such a way that it is almost impossible to win over a long distance. Surebets are one of few strategies that allow players to consistently win. When using this method, a player does not need to follow the course of events because, in the end, despite the outcome of the competition, he will still receive his winnings.

Note that bookmakers classify surebets as cheating, so those bettors who use this strategy are usually subject to sanctions, such as cancellation of winnings and/or blocking of the gaming account.

Search for Surebets on Bookmaker Websites

There are two possible ways to find profitable bets. Today, players can find surebets online both using their own analysis and effort and with the help of special services. To understand whether it is a surebet or not, you can use the formula.

1/C1 + 1/C2 = B, where

C1 – odds for the first outcome;

C2 – odds for the second outcome;

B – the value of the bet.

If the value of B is less than one (B<1), then we have a betting surebet. If the value of B is greater than one (B>1), then it is not.

Surebet Scanners

You can find websites designed to search for surebets. A program scans bets evaluating the lines of dozens of bookmakers and looking for suitable options. Some developers offer a bot that can also place a bet when a profitable option appears.

Pros and Cons of Surebets

Beneficial points include:

  1. Guaranteed profit in any of the outcomes.
  2. Good profit on a long distance.
  3. A wide range of competitions for betting.
  4. Specialized utilities designed to search for surebets.

Negative sides of betting on surebets:

– They are considered illegal by bookmakers. Gamblers are punished for this kind of activity.

– Bettors risk losing the whole bankroll if they are inattentive or miscalculate the probability.

How does the Bookmaker Identify Surebet Hunters?

-Surebet bets. Do you think that you are the only one who notices such bets? If the bookmaker enters such bets, he will fix all accounts that bet on these outcomes. Immediately or upon identifying this activity once again, sanctions will be applied to the account. Bookmakers use surebet scanners to find bets and identify hunters.

-Maximum stakes. Surebettors want to get as much as possible from each outcome, so their bets are usually close to or equal to the maximum allowed.

-Two or more bets on one outcome. An average player rarely does this. Surebettors rebet more often, adjusting their predictions to odds changes.

– Replenishment of the account with unsettled bets and frequent withdrawals. Surebet hunters need to have a sufficient bankroll on each website, so they have an active turnover of funds between accounts.

How does the Bookmaker Deal with Surebettors?

Surebet hunters have to bet a lot. If the bookmaker defines the account as an arbitrage, it reduces the maximums to a level where it is pointless to use the account. As a result, bettors have to open new ones. And this is prohibited by the rules of any bookmaker’s office and is carefully monitored. Such players can also be caught in multi-accounting.

To conclude, note that this betting strategy is rather profitable but, at the same time, quite risky. If you want to try it, do it carefully and do not get too addicted.