11 Side Gigs To Earn Extra Cash On The Side

Artistic Painter
Artistic Painter

Are you constantly worried about your debts because your current measly income cannot cover them? Or are you extensively looking for a side job to fund your college tuition fees? Regardless of whether you need the money urgently to sustain yourself or whether you are seeking to start saving up for retirement, there are many side gigs available in the market that allow you to earn some side cash while not requiring you to put in the full 9 to 5 working hours for it. Without further ado, here are 10 side jobs that you can take up to cash in a couple of extra hundred bucks in your bank account.


Freelance jobs give you the flexibility to work around your schedule, allowing you to take on a side job in the midst of your full-time job. Freelance job opportunities give you the freedom to take on more projects during pockets of free time, while also allowing you to take a break and focus on other pressing issues when need be. On the other hand, if you have the habit of hiring freelancers for your business, do consider getting a simple check stub maker to make your financial processes more efficient.

Graphic Designer

If you are well-versed with design applications like Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, or Adobe Illustrator and you’ve got an eye for aesthetics, you can be a freelance graphic designer. Graphic designers typically design logos, websites, and visual advertorials for clients and brands to attract their target audience and pull up sales revenue. By being a graphic designer, you can do your projects at your own time and at your own pace, while having the opportunity to use your creative juices to direct your work. On average, full-time graphic designers are able to make about $45,000 to $79,000 per year, depending on the area they are residing at.


If you have a flair for writing and are extremely meticulous when it comes to copy-writing, then you might want to source for a freelance writing job. There are many different types of writing jobs that require you to do a host of projects, including blog posts, social media content, speeches, lifestyle writing manuscripts, brochures, and other marketing collateral. Depending on the company that you are hired by, writing jobs typically range from $10 to $200 per piece, taking into account the length of the article and the level of difficulty. There are a plethora of companies offering freelance writing job opportunities, including many positions available on job search engines.

Social Media Marketer

Social media marketers are usually required to come up with appealing content for the users on a particular social media platform, and post them up accordingly during the stipulated timings. For larger job scopes, it also involves you taking charge of ideating social campaigns, planning, executing, and analyzing the results from each campaign. This job requires a good grasp of the behavior of the target audience, and the creativity to come up with attractive content to appeal to users. On average, full-time social media marketers can make about $46,000 per year.


As one of the more popular freelance side gigs, photographers and videographers are able to make a ton of money per shoot, since they have the flexibility of setting their own rates, but of course, taking into account the market rate as well. Photographers and videographers are always needed for events like weddings, birthday parties, or even product photography as a marketing strategy. If you think that you can take decent photos or videos and are great at editing digital photos no matter how bad the lighting is, you can consider signing up as one. You can either offer your services as a standalone photographer or videographer or choose to join a photography company.


Consulting job opportunities typically leverage your knowledge and expertise in a certain field, helping individuals and firms to deal with issues that they are facing or explore other areas to improve their situation.

Human Resources

There are many HR job positions available on the market, and the role of HR personnel involves sourcing, hiring, and training the candidates chosen. Over the years, the scope of such jobs has widened, including overseeing strategic initiatives like acquisition and mergers with other companies. As an HR job-holder, you are expected to have a good command of the language and have exceptional interpersonal skills to effectively communicate and form strong bonds with key stakeholders and partners that you are dealing with.


IT personnel are expected to be extremely well-versed in technical-related matters and electronics, being able to accurately troubleshot and navigate through technical issues especially when a system crashes. There are many specializations that you can pursue, be it information systems/cybersecurity or the management of the company’s IT processes to improve upon and find solutions to IT bugs. Many IT consultants also take the role of helping businesses in their digital transformation, by optimizing and adding processes that help them get away from their traditional ways.


Financial job opportunities cover a wide spectrum of positions including financial advisors that help clients manage their finances and seek financial opportunities like investing, or tax accountants to help clients evaluate their current tax positions and educate them on the latest regulations available. Many of these financial positions deal with either clients alone or work with companies to help businesses make better financial choices.


Why let your hobbies just be hobbies when you can turn them into money-making tools as well? You will be able to get the best of both worlds by making extra side coins while pursuing something that you enjoy doing.


Being an exceptional baker gives you the edge of utilizing your skills at a nearby bakery, or giving you the opportunity to sell your baked goods to customers or even your friends who want a taste of them. Depending on the type of baked goods that you are more confident in, the market rate ranges from $5 for small treats like cookies to about a couple of hundred dollars for full birthday cakes. You can even offer customization for customers who wish to have their cakes designed using fondants and decorative treats.

Artistic Painter

Being creative has its perks, especially if you are able to paint caricatures or landscape paintings for decorative purposes. Depending on your style, you can put up your artworks on different websites online, or participate in your local flea markets to showcase your work. It is also good practice to prepare a portfolio of your past works if you wish to land yourself a job.

 Musical Tutor

Regardless of the instrument that you are skilled in, there is bound to be demand for individuals who wish to learn from you. You can either have home-based classes or sign up at a local music shop to offer your services and earn more if you have enough students to form a class. There are even online classes that you can arrange amidst the recent pandemic. When it comes to music, there will always be people of all ages who are willing to brush up or pick up a new skill.

Youtube Personality

With Youtube being one of the most highly used social media platform, there are many people who have become millionaires just by posting video content. You can start off with content that you enjoy producing or watching, and start brushing up on your editing and videoing skills as you go along. Though it may take a while for you to build a following, there is always a possibility that Youtube may be your number one full-time job in the future.


With so many jobs in the market that give you the opportunity to utilize your own skillsets, while also providing some form of flexibility in managing your schedule, there is no excuse why you should sit in a corner and worry about your piling debts. As long as you get creative and think of ways to make money based on your strengths and skills, there are bound to be opportunities online for you to match your skill set and help you tide through financial difficulties.