What’s Cooking In Grey’s Anatomy

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The recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy brought back Katherine Avery to Sloan memorial hospital. She has now picked up the courage, to tell the truth to her husband. She was previously diagnosed with a tumor, which is cancerous. The unsettling pain in her neck and back rushed her to the hospital for a check. She was trying hard to hide it from her husband.

Spirituality In Grey’s Anatomy

The main concern of Grey’s Anatomy was not through the lens of superstitions but through believers. Last few weeks Grey’s Anatomy has been focusing on some controversial topics. Katherine Avery has been trying hard to keep her secret from her husband. She went to a reiki healer perhaps that cleared the air.

Like any other person, Richard asked Katherine about something is bothering him about her behavior. Then she revealed she has cancer and that is spreading day by day.

Some characters in Grey’s Anatomy fell behind the lines. They were unable to keep their pace. In the mean, the Sloan Memorial Hospital is falling behind. The doctors were unavailable.

Some doctors did their best but the administration ended up questioning their actions. Even those actions helped people save their lives.

Mistakes have been made by the doctors in Grey’s Anatomy. There are people outside the hospital.

Gerald’s surgery didn’t go as planned. Blue fainted in the O.R. Gerald kept her wife totally blindsided on this matter. Later the insurance paper disclosed he was trying so hard to close. She gave him the space of telling the whole story by himself. Blue’s condition was critical, so much blood made him sick perhaps. Meredith Grey is not visible in Grey’s Anatomy after moving to Boston.