$200 Stimulus Check For Indiana Residents

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

Governor Eric Holcomb suggested giving Indiana residents a $225 Stimulus Check.

It appears that they will have to make do with $200. Days before the Stimulus Checks were supposed to be sent, Indiana taxpayers are now receiving $200 in their financial institutions from a tax refund check.

A bill making its way through the Statehouse would automatically grant a $200 refund to all Indiana taxpayers. The governor’s plan to combat inflation was centered on direct payments from the state’s surplus. While the refunds were still in doubt, the House and Senate reached an agreement despite their opposing relief schemes.

Indiana Residents Will Get Their Stimulus Checks Early

The payments were reduced by $25 during negotiations, and House members also agreed to transfer $1 billion to the state teacher pension system. The Senate came up with that idea because they wanted to use the surplus to pay off more debt.

There is no longer a requirement for non-filers to submit an affidavit. They will not, however, receive direct payments. Instead, lawmakers said, they will receive a tax credit, for which they must file a tax return in 2022.

Stimulus Checks will be used to deliver the $200 payment to those who received the $125 Indiana Automatic Taxpayer Refund payment. The extra $200 will be added to the checks of those who are still awaiting a physical check for the $125 payment, according to lawmakers.

The Stimulus Check proposal was approved by a vote of 93-6 on Friday, sending it to the Senate.

By a vote of 37-9, the proposal to accept the adjustments made in the House was approved. The Governor’s desk is the next stop for it.

This week, Senate Bill 2 under revision moved quickly through the Statehouse. The payments were first included in a plan that came from the House and was overwhelmingly approved as House Bill 1001.